SHUR-FLO Tubular Lining

SHUR-FLO Tubular Lining

Corrosion, erosion, scale, rod wear, fatigue, pitting, embrittlement, all resulting from very demanding environments downhole tubulars are subject to in today’s energy industry.

Check out our lined tubing proven solution


Protects Your Tubing Investment
Add run time to your producing oil wells.

Unbeatable corrosion and chemical protection in both producing and water injection / disposal wells.

Reduced rod torques.
Eliminate harmonics.
Friction reductions.
Increased BHP life.
Less rod wear.
Eliminate scale build-up.

SHUR-FLO Liner Advantages

  • Superior chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Very effective in used tubulars
  • Mechanically bonded
  • Erosion resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Very tough, yet flexible
  • Will not be damaged by wireline, coiled tubing or workover tools
  • Non-ionic bonding surface
  • Very low friction co-efficient
  • 100% Holiday free

SHUR-FLO Lined Tubing Applications

  • PCP or rod pumping oil wells
  • Class 1, 1A, 11, 111 injection and disposal wells
  • Slant, deviated, or directional wellbore tubing strings
  • Chemical injection strings


Substantially Reduces Lifting Costs - Rig Proof

Cost Effective Tubulars can be Re-lined Time and Again



  • Tubing inspected to customer requirements
  • Repaired to API specifications
  • Tubing is mechanically or steam cleaned to ensure bonding
  • Internally lined and stenciled

Why SHUR-FLO lined tubing should be your only choice for water injection or disposal well applications

  • It is a liner barrier that is mechanically inserted inside the tubing joint
  • The liner will not flake, crack, chip or come off. Your tubing string will always be internally protected... top to bottom
  • Liner is unaffected by turbulent flow
  • Shur-Flo liner has 10 times the erosion capabilities of bare steel
  • Liner is compatible with all stimulation fluids
  • Lined string can be used as work string
  • Tubing joints with liner inserted are virtually rig proof and will not be easily damaged while tripping



Drift ID

60.3 MM (2 3/8") = 1.60"

73.0 MM (2 7/8") = 2.00"

88.9 MM (3 1/2") = 2.50"

114.3 MM (4 1/2") = 3.40"

Liner Characteristics

We offer 4 different liners for our Shur-Flo lined tubing. Three of these liners are various versions of Ultra High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene. The 4th liner option is an Aromatic Linear Poly Phenyl Sulfide product.



This is our standard liner option good to 55 C (134 F) in standard operating conditions. Most water injection applications and disposal well applications are suitable for this liner. Many low to moderate temperature pumping applications are also suitable for this Shur-Flo lined tubing. Working depths to about 1600 meters is the limit for this option. This liner is black in colour.


This liner is a raised temperature HDPE good to 90 C (195 F) in standard operating conditions. This liner is ideal for higher temperature water injection / disposal wells and pumping wells with extended well depths to 2100 meters. This liner is orange in colour.


Our Shur-Flo 3 EXPE liner is a modified cross linkable liner more suitable for light end hydrocarbon applications and low concentrations of benzenes. Our Shur-Flo 3 lined tubing is good to depths of 3400 meters. Maximum operating temperatures are 150 C (305 F) in water injection / disposal well applications and 130 C (269 F) in pumping applications. This liner is red in colour.


This product is an Aromatic Linear Poly Phenyl Sulphide liner good to 220 C (430 F) in most applications. This liner is almost impermeable and superb in high end hydrocarbon or condensate applications. Maximum operating depth of this liner is 4000 meters. This liner is pearl white in colour.



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