Shur-Flo Tubular Lining

Shur-Flo Tubular Lining Corrosion, erosion, scale, rod wear, fatigue, pitting, embrittlement, all resulting from the very demanding environments downhole tubulars are subject to in today's energy industry. Check out our lined tubing proven solution.

Shur-Flo Protects Your Tubing Investment

  • Add run time to your producing oil wells.
  • Unbeatable corrosion and chemical protection in both producing and water injection / disposal wells.
  • Reduced rod torques.
  • Eliminate harmonics.
  • Friction reductions.
  • Increased BHP life.
  • Less rod wear.
  • Eliminate scale build-up.
  • Can be installed in used tubulars as well as new.

Shur-Flo liners are manufactured (Extruded) By an ISO 9002 company

"Shur Flo tubular liners are not available for sale in the USA"

Ready Available Inventory - 24 Hour Service

Shur-Flo Liner Advantages

  • Superior chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Very effective in used tubulars
  • Mechanically bonded
  • Erosion resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Very tough, yet flexible
  • Will not be damaged by wireline, coiled tubing or workover tools
  • Non-ionic bonding surface
  • Very low friction co-efficient
  • 100% Holiday free

Shur-Flo Lined Tubing Applications

  • PCP or rod pumping oil wells
  • Class 1, 1A, 11, 111 injection and disposal wells
  • Slant, deviated, or directional wellbore tubing strings
  • Chemical injection strings
  • FRAC or N2 tubing strings

Shur-Flo Specifications

Shur-Flo Gallery

Shur-Flow Shur-Flow Shur-Flow Shur-Flow
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